Making a Python Package for PyPI - Easy Steps

This blog will give you step by step instructions on how to setup a python project so that you can upload it to PyPIand make it distributable and installable via pip. First, here are the things you need to know to follow these instructions: You are able to code in python You are familiar with git You know about unit tests It also helps if you have an actual need to share a python solution with others such as a library you wrote, or a CLI tool, or a game etc.

Hello from the new hugo based site

My blog now is running with a completely different technology. Earlier version was running on Ghost v0.92, and it had some limitations that bothered me especially when I wanted to display code. After evaluating the upgrade path for ghost, and asking for recommendations for a self hosted blog site, I decided to give a try to hugo. Hugo is a static site builder. So it has no complicated setup or requirements.

Meta/Mathical Sentences

Recently a question on Project Eulersite made me think about easily verifiable but hard to generate messages. This can have some cryptographic use. The message contains both the content and the verification in one block. Here is an example: In the above sentence the content is “My name is Otuk” and the rest of the message is for easy verification by the recipient. As long as preparing the verification information is computationally intense, the message cannot be quickly modified.

Adventure of the Cardboard boxes problem

I was looking through Prof. Ian Stewart’s book “Professor Stewart’s Casebook of Mathematical Mysteries” with an idea in my mind to solve the problems posed with computational brute force rather than smart thinking. For some reason the idea of brute force calculations for mathematical puzzles attract me. On page 23 of the book he mentions the question of the cardboard boxes and in the answers section he expands more on what can be done with the question.

How to make home IoT easier

On the last post I covered basic Arduino IDE setup/use with electrodragon’s relay board to get started for easy home automation. That was sometime ago, during this time it is true I have been busy with life’s needs but also the fact that to setup a home automation that works end to end needs many steps and variety of technologies made me think about the problem a bit deeper. So before I continue more, let me share the conclusion.