Add Arduino as an Application in Lubuntu

I installed the newest arduino IDE on my lubuntu machine using the arduino site instructions.

After that I can run the IDE by typing arduino from command line, which works fine but I also wanted arduino to appear as an application on the startup menu or be able to add arduino to my panel.

It is simple: Go to ~/local/share directory. If you do not see an applications directory, create one there.

In ~/local/share/applications directory create a arduino.desktop file.

Paste and modify the following text according to your arduino installation location:

[Desktop Entry]
Comment=Arduino IDE
Exec=terminator -e /opt/local/arduino-1.6.7/arduino

Modify Exec and Icon only as per your location.

This will launch arduino from terminator(my favorite terminal app, you can replace this with your terminal app). Or if you want you can directly place the arduino executive there without any terminator reference.


I like to see the output of IDE captured on terminal so I launch it from the terminal, both will work.

As last step tell lxpanel to reload configurations. From command line run:

lxpanelctl restart

That should do it.