Hello from the new hugo based site

My blog now is running with a completely different technology. Earlier version was running on Ghost v0.92, and it had some limitations that bothered me especially when I wanted to display code. After evaluating the upgrade path for ghost, and asking for recommendations for a self hosted blog site, I decided to give a try to hugo.

Hugo is a static site builder. So it has no complicated setup or requirements. When it is done, it has generated a static site that can be “copied” and run from any web-server. It does have allowances for basic forms and disqus comments if you need.

The most difficult part of the experience was to move my existing site content to hugo pages. I did not want to start over from zero. I had to do that as a one time manual task, but as both ghost and hugo use same markdown as part of the contents it was not a big deal either, most pages worked as is including links, images, videos etc.

For anyone planning to go this way I recommend spending time first which theme you will use. I switched themes 3 times during my migration, that slowed me down. Spend the time upfront try the example themes with their example sites, make a decision.

One more thing that helped was to write 2 small bash scripts to do a preview locally and and other one for when I am good to go, to publish. This second one takes care of all git commits and copies to the remote host.

I can now write blogs in emacs and I know there are few markdown packages for emacs, so far I have not yet try them but I am sure those will help as well.

Maybe another plus for hugo in my case is that I did not even have to install it on my server. I create posts else where and hugo makes them publishable as a static site, so all I need to do is to copy the publishable static pages to the server consistently and git is great for that kind of tasks.

Looks like I am set, I do recommend hugo for similar needs.